Gold medal for winning interiors French restaurant features antique mirrors

“Designed by Larissa Garcia of Cassal Diseño Designs, Piaf Restaurant, the resort’s fine-dining French option, received a gold medal for interiors. The design inspiration for Piaf was a modern twist on France in the 1940’s to 60’s, when Edith Piaf was at the top of her artistic career. Rich designs, details and dramatic spaces were achieved with both natural and authentic elements. Damasco marble, green Onyx, petrified marble and high-gloss wood were all specially treated to create high-contrast light effects full of shadows and highlights. By playing with lighting, heights, textures, materials and colors, Garcia created a series of ambiances, each with its own charm and feel. To offer each guest a unique experience, each space has at least one dramatic element that distinguishes it from the rest such as a marble-covered center column, an undulating crystal lighting curtain, and antique mirrors in the walls. The design unites as a whole with the furniture selection, a warm color palette and smaller decorative elements. In addition to Piaf, Cassal Diseño was in charge of the interior design for the resort’s duplex Wellness Suites and multi-bedroom Governor Suites. These suites feature cool marble flooring and cream furnishings highlighted with burnt orange and sea blue soft furnishings for punches of color.”

Dimond Lighting Raines Mirror Antique Gold Leaf – DM1936

How do mirrors fit into the ‘Organic Modern’ Style

“The bathroom also offers a generous walk-in shower with teak platform insert that continues the natural wood theme. Horizontals play a big role as well, beginning with the shower walls, which are stacked with white 16-by-3-inch tiles. The vanity wall is punctuated by a series of horizontal planes: the porcelain-topped double-sink vanity, matched-grain American maple drawers, triptych of medicine cabinet mirrors and fixed transom.”


26-in H Aluminum Two-Door Medicine Cabinet w/ Mirrored Doors, Beveled Edges

Property Brothers weigh in

Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott have seen plenty of homes that need just a little renovation — and even more homes that required a major overhaul. In the process, these HGTV stars have grown pretty familiar with the design mistakes that people make in their homes. By following their advice, you can …

Hang a mirror in front of your bookcase

“Don’t be afraid to hang art or mirrors above a bookcase for a layered look. This layering is quite interesting, especially in more traditional settings. Books can also help to tame the color of most rooms.”

Kenroy Home Louis Mirrors in Silver Leaf – KH-60010

Making Space for a Home Office

I like the hanging mirror featured in this article.

“What you want to aim for is the “command position,” which enables you to see the front door without being in direct line with it, said Judith Wendell, a Manhattan-based feng shui consultant, and confers a feeling of empowerment. If the only option is to have your back to the front door, she added, place a mirror on the wall in front of you so you can see the front door in the mirror.”

Cooper Classics Dalla Black 14″x22 1/4″ Wall Mirror (7D044)

Upgrade to pivot mirror. Five fresh ideas to freshen up the bathroom

Upgrade your lighting “The right amount of lighting is important to help illuminate personal grooming and makeup application, and newer light fixtures will update the room’s look,” says Greene. Replace over-the-mirror lighting, fluorescents and old fixtures with sconces, pendants and fixtures flush to the wall that harmonize with your other …

Your bathroom mirror is all about looks | Northwest Herald

Mirror function differs depending on the bathroom, she said. In a powder room-type bath, a modest-size mirror serves as a quick-check station for touchups. In a full or master bath, a larger mirror allows for more thorough primping and polishing, maybe even an outfit review. The mirror can also make …