Upgrade to pivot mirror. Five fresh ideas to freshen up the bathroom

Upgrade your lighting “The right amount of lighting is important to help illuminate personal grooming and makeup application, and newer light fixtures will update the room’s look,” says Greene. Replace over-the-mirror lighting, fluorescents and old fixtures with sconces, pendants and fixtures flush to the wall that harmonize with your other …

Your bathroom mirror is all about looks | Northwest Herald

Mirror function differs depending on the bathroom, she said. In a powder room-type bath, a modest-size mirror serves as a quick-check station for touchups. In a full or master bath, a larger mirror allows for more thorough primping and polishing, maybe even an outfit review. The mirror can also make …

Amazing historical mirrors in this article

“In the master bedroom, Karan commissioned seamstress Nancy Johnson to create bedding with a bed skirt made from 20 yards of silk chiffon. In the first-floor half bath, Karan outfitted the mirror with two lamps from France and installed gilded and dusted lincrusta walls for intricate detail. She bartered for …

Louis XVI mirrors have stood the test of time for a reason — they work every time.

“Some classics like fabric lampshades, Louis XVI mirrors, and art lighting on bookcases have stood the test of time for a reason — they work every time.”



Kenroy Home Louis Mirrors in Silver Leaf – KH-60010

What to do when you have no walls for a mirror

“In the master bathroom, a window by the sink opened up to a planter on the outside. But this meant that there were no walls to hang mirrors. Mr Kurniadidjaja had his contractor install mirrors that hang from the ceiling.” http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/lifestyle/feature/on-home-ground

Six mirrors in the master bedroom and dressing room

She also brought gold mirrors can be found almost everywhere in the house. “Mirrors are essential for decoration and are like jewellery for houses — there are at least 12 of them including six in the master bedroom and dressing room.”

Pari Gray Diamond 32 1/4″ x 40 1/4″ Rectangular Mirror (23V89)